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Calapan Port

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calapan port

The Port of Calapan is the main port serving Oriental Mindoro and plays an important role in the transport of general and RORO cargoes, and passengers to other provinces. The port is a reinforced concrete general-purpose wharf, primarily operated using the RORO facilities. Chief commodities handled at the port are copra, rice, banana and other agricultural products for outbound cargo, and cement, fertilizer and general commodities for inbound cargo.

Location: The port sits between Balite and Calapan Points in an open sight 4.0 kilometers wide, 3.0 kilometers NE of Calapan City proper.  It is about 1.5 kilometers from the existing Calapan airport.

Port Limits: Silonay going northward to Matoco Points.

Access Road: National road form the port through the Calapan town proper to other municipalities.

Navigational Approach: It is 22 nautical miles southward from Batangas City. Sea distance to Manila is 104.3 nautical miles. It is located at lat. 130 25.80 N, long. 1210 11.8’ E.

Land Access: National road from the port through the Calapan City proper to other municipalities.

Total Port Area: 31,230.12 sq. m.

** -Port Facilities


Berthing Area: The port has berthing areas for fastcraft, conventional and RoRo vessels. The newly designated temporary berthing area for conventional vessels is at the northwest portion of the wharf between ramps 2 & 3. RoRo vessels can berth at ramps 1 to 7. Fastcrafts are utilizing the new finger pier and the northeast portion of the wharf as berthing areas. Upon operationalization of the new PTB, dedicated berths for conventional, RoRo and fastcraft vessels will become operational.


Draft: Existing draft is -4.50m to -5.00m from MLLW.

RORO Facilities: The wharf has seven (7) roro ramps spaced almost evenly along its entire faceline. Since the RoRo ramps are designed to also accommodate conventional vessels, the berthing spaces at ramps 2 & 3 are being used intermittently by conventional vessels unloading cargoes at the port.

Anchorage: Anchorage recommended is about nine (9) meters (30 ft.) of water, rock bottom, bearing 1860 with Calapan church and tangent to the N extremity of Calapan Point at 0610, or much deeper in fifteen (15) meters (50 ft.) of water, rock bottom, bearing 1770 with Calapan church and tangent to the N extremity of Calapan Point at 0630. Navigators are cautioned to use extreme care in approaching these anchorages as the bottom configuration is irregular and rocky. The greatest danger, however, could be expected a short distance away, from the sudden rise, or steep-to, condition of the shore reef. The occurrence of strong winds from the N through W would render this area unsafe, from the month of December to February.

Storage: Direct delivery system in the traditional way. Open storage area is approximately 570 sq. meters (30 m. x 19 m.) located at the upper right wing of the port.

Marshalling Area: Area of 3,879 square meters is allocated fronting ramp nos. 5, 6 & 7 and 2,109 square meters fronting ramps 1, 2 & 3.

Vehicle Parking Area: Located on the northern part of the port, 976 sq. m. is allocated for private vehicles and 990 sq. m. for public utility vehicles.

Passenger Terminal Building: A fully air-conditioned passenger terminal building with amenities such as public address system, cable tv, wi-fi, cctvs, waterless urinals, led monitors for announcements, mabuhay lounge, areas for nursing mothers and childcare and other amenities. The PTB is being operated and managed by a private operator with passenger terminal fee of P20.00 and 20% discounted terminal fee for senior citizens and students. The PTB operator has already signified its intent to provide a 24/7 free shuttle service for the embarking passengers.


** -Port Services

–Calapan Labor Service Devt. Coop. Inc., (CALSEDECO)
San Antonio, Calapan, Oriental Mindoro
Mrs. Sonia G. Satur, General Manager
Tel. No. (043) 288-3188
Fax. No. (043) 288-6036

Pilotage: Pilotage is not compulsory. Pilotage service is not available. Tugs are not available but services of the tug boats may be hired from nearby Batangas Port.

Park and Sail: Available at the rate of Php22.40 for the first twenty four hours and succeeding rate is Php 5.60 per hour, inclusive of tax. Available area is 1,088.34 square meters.

PTB Services: Available, complete with amenities at nominal rate of Php20.00 per passenger.

Port Security: Provided by Lockheed Detective and Watchman Ageny, Inc.


Bunkering – Shell Phils. supplies the bunkering requirements of Supercat Fast Ferry Corp.
Water Supply – Watering service is provided by private haulers who supply the water needs of vessels, stallholders and offices within the port premises.

Water Supply – Watering service is provided by private haulers who supply the water needs of vessels, stallholders and offices within the port premises.

Fuel Supply – provided by local suppliers

Garbage Collection& Disposal – Garbage disposal service is provided by the City Government Services. It operates a truck that hauls garbage drums or garbage receptacles strategically situated inside the port.

Tug Assistance – not available, though tug boats may be hired from the Batangas Port

Ship Repair Facilities – Nearest shipyards are located in Manila and Batangas.

Transport – Authorized transport service is provided by public utility jeeps, vans and tricycles parked inside the port with respective PTOs on a one year basis.

Provision and Store – twenty (20) stores divided into different categories of food, souvenir and variety shoppes

Telecommunications – Major telecommunications operators have cellsites in the vicinity of the port, internet cafes abound at downtown Calapan.

Medical – Various tertiary Hospitals and the Provincial Hospital of Oriental Mindoro.

Banking – LBP, PNB, MBTC, UCPB, Chinabank, DBP, Allied Bank corp., BDO, Rural Banks of Baco, Calapan, Pola

Airport ( Nearest Airport) – Domestic Airport but has no regular schedule of commercial flights.

The Calapan City airport can accommodate small to medium size aircrafts and is situated about two kilometers from the port.

Top 10 Cargoes








Transport Equipment














Transport Equipment





PMO Address

Port Management Office of Calapan
San Antonio, Calapan City
Oriental Mindoro
(043) 288-6187
(043) 288-1687


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