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Tabaco Port

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The Terminal Port of Tabaco serves as the main converging point and passage for goods, RORO cargoes and passengers bound to and from the island province of Catanduanes and other nearby islands. Large consignment of cement, sugar, fertilizer and other prime commodities are transported thru this port. With its harbor, the port has become the choice destination of overseas vessels in the Bicol region.

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Virac Port

January 28, 2011 by WebMaster  
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The Terminal Port of Virac is situated in the eastern island of Luzon considered “typhoon prone” being the usual path of tropical depressions originating from the Pacific Ocean.

Owing from its natural endowments of flora and fauna including the white sandy beaches around it, trade and commerce in Catanduanes have grown progressively with time.

RORO ferries link Virac and the municipal ports of San Andres to Tabaco on a regular basis. Other inter-island vessels call frequently this port carrying cargoes from the Visayas, Manila and Tabaco.

Transport equipment tops both incoming and outgoing cargoes while the rest mainly consist of basic construction materials, palay & rice, petroleum products, bottled beverages & other general cargoes. For years, abaca has thus far been a steady product brought out from the island province. Equally stable is its market in Albay which is noted as a prime exporter of abaca bags, ropes & related products.
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Pasacao Port

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The national Port of Pasacao serves most of the seaborne cargoes bound for or from the province of Camarines Sur. Just 27 kilometers southwest of Naga City, it ordinarily caters to such goods as cement, rice, sugar, fish, and other prime commodities. Read more

Matnog Port

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matnog_newThe Terminal Port of Matnog, Luzon’s nearest link to eastern Visayas and Mindanao, currently handles no less than 4,000 passengers and a hundred vehicles/other rolling cargoes daily.

Among the prominent passenger terminals in Bicol particularly Masbate, Tabaco, Bulan and Virac, Matnog port has consistently been a top grosser since PPA took over in 1997, fetching roughly 35 percent of PMO Legazpi’s annual revenue.

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Masbate Port

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The PORT OF MASBATE is the only national port of the island province which is dubbed as the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines. It has cattle, coconut, mining and fishing for its main industries which attract traders from Manila, Cebu, Bicol mainland and Panay provinces.

Its port exclusively handles containerized cargoes among the Bicol terminals, aside from palletized, bulk and breakbulk commodities. Its fastcraft operation connects Bicol main via the port of Pilar in Sorsogon. Read more

Jose Panganiban Port

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jose_panganiban port


The Port of Jose Panganiban is nearly 2 miles wide at the entrance between Calamabyanga Island and Pinandungan Points. The port serves as the passage of all water borne traffic to and from the Paracale mining area, Larap., Lucena, other Quezon town and the rest of Bicol and Visayas provinces. Copra, coconut oil and copra pellets used to be its principal exports. Read more

Bulan Port

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bulan port

The Port of Bulan is located in the municipality of Bulan, Sorsogon about 56 kilometers from the city of Sorsogon. It is located at the southeast end of Luzon, is the ideal jump-off point to Masbate, and Western Samar islands not traversed by the Pan Philippine Highway.

Its RC pier has recently been upgraded to serve both conventional and roll-on-roll-off vessels, following the rise in RORO traffic.

The port has become the “basin” of fish and other fish preparations coming from the marine-rich boroughs of Masbate and Samar. This lures occasional calls from fishing vessels as far as Taiwan. Other major commodities handled in the port are cement, bottled cargo, and copra. Read more