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Lucena Port

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Port of Lucena

Port of Lucena

Port of Lucena is re-known as the gateway and melting port city of Southern Luzon. It is considered as one of the most important commercial and trading center of Southern Tagalog. The sprawling trade and commercial district of Lucena is nestled among a wide exposed of coconut trees, farm and rice lands and moderately rolling hills of gross and shrinks of pasture. It has a rich fishing ground which supplies fishes and seafoods.

Location: The Port of Lucena is about 140 kilometers southeast of manila located on coordinates of
13°54’13” north latitude and 121°37’36” east longhitud. The port complex is built along
the fishing village of Barangay Talao-Talao, Lucena City, a kilometre away to the east of
Dalahican Fishing Port Complex. Sea distance is above 140 kilometer southeast of
Manila and 27 nautical mile to Dalahican, Lucena City and 57 nautical miles to Batangas

Navigational Approach: Lighthouse facility constructed by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)

Land Access: The landside access to the port site is a 2-lane concrete paved road about 700 meters
connecting the Dalahican National Road.

Sea Distance: The Seaside access is through Tayabas Strait.

Total Port Area: The total area of the Port of Lucena is approximately 32,905 sq.m.; operational
area of 8,980 sq.m.; and a commercial area of 4,598.75 sq.m. as delineated
under E.O. No. 199 dated September 20, 1994, signed by former President Fidel
V. Ramos


Berthing Area/s: R.C. Pier – 51.00m x 12.00m
Two (2) RORO ramp – 11.00m x 9.00m
RORO ramp – 9.00m x 9.00m

Draft: 5 meters below MLLW.

RORO Facilities:


Anchorage: Anchor off middle of eastern side of Magdumug Island is 20 m. depth, or proceed
close to Slavari Island. Anchorage at 12.8 mud bottom southwest of Pig Point.

Storage: 10, 426.25 sq.m. (Open Storage/Marshalling Area)

Marshalling Area: 10, 426.25 sq.m. (Open Storage/Marshalling Area)

Vehicle Parking Areas: 4,598.75 (Vehicle Parking Area/Commercial Area)

Passenger Terminal Building:



Cargo Handling: Moriones Port Services and Trading Inc.
2nd Floor Passenger Terminal Building, TMO Lucena, Barangay Talao-Talao
(042) 716-0446
Mr. Rommel L. Dy

Pilotage: Compulsory for foreign vessels, Quezon Harbor Pilot Co., Inc. Is the authorized company
to undertake pilotage services.


Bunkering: Available in limited quantities from local suppliers.

Water Supply: Moriones Port Services & Trading Inc.


JAC Liner/Lucena Lines
JAM Liner
Quezon Transport Services Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Dalahican Operators and Drivers Association
Dalahican Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association


Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT)
Digitel Company
SMART Communications Inc.
GLOBE Telecom Company


Philippine National Bank (PNB)
Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI)
Development Bank of the Philippine (DBP)
Allied Bank
Land Bank of the Philippines
Asia United Bank
Banco Pilipino
China Bank Corp.
Philippine Savings Bank
Equitable PCI Bank
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
Security Bank
Union Bank of the Philippines
United Coconut Planters Bank

Airport: Ninoy Aquino International Airport

lucena_top10 cargoes

TMO Lucena
Port Area, Talao-Talao, Lucena City
Tel. No. (042) 710-2108


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