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Masbate Port

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The PORT OF MASBATE is the only national port of the island province which is dubbed as the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines. It has cattle, coconut, mining and fishing for its main industries which attract traders from Manila, Cebu, Bicol mainland and Panay provinces.

Its port exclusively handles containerized cargoes among the Bicol terminals, aside from palletized, bulk and breakbulk commodities. Its fastcraft operation connects Bicol main via the port of Pilar in Sorsogon.


Latitude 12º 22’ 8”N Longitude 123º 36’ 5”E, southwest of Bicol peninsula; northwest of Masbate island, City of Masbate.

Port Limits

L= 012º 24’N – L = 012º 23’ 5”N

A= 123º 36.5’ E – A= 123º 38’1” E

Navigational Approach

From a position one mile northeast of the light, steer for it on course 226º. When about 350 yards from it, haul southward giving the light a berth of 225 yards to the stag board. When the light is abaft the beam, continue on southerly course with nothing to port, to avoid the point of reef making out from the east side of the channel. When abeam of the T-shaped wharf, haul in for the anchorage in 16-17 fathoms (29.0-31.1m), mud bottom, or go alongside the wharves. The harbor may be entered also in the manner. When entering during daylight, the Bagalejo Point is identified, steer for this point on course 207º. When light bears 345º, haul easterly and bring the night astern on this bearing.  Steer a 65º until the T-shaped wharf bears 90º, and anchor or go alongside the wharf.

Sea Distance

By sea to Manila           –           260 nautical miles

Total Port Area 16,214.23 sq.m.


Berthing Area/s

The port has 323m x 12m RC wharf, 13m deep on both near and far ends. The wharf is linked with land through 200 meters long causeway equipped with a stairlanding


North Berthing Side       –           12 meters

South Berthing Side      –             5 meters

RORO Facilities

RORO Ramp A              –           9 m. x 6 m.

RORO Ramp B              –           3.3 m. x 8.05 m.

RORO Ramp C              –           9 m. x 6 m.


Anchorage 300 yards westward in (29.3 – 31.1 m) mud bottom

Storage 3,072.50 sq.m. open storage, 2,866 sq.m. container yard

Marshalling Area RORO marshalling area at reclaimed area

Vehicle Parking Area At the reclaimed area

Passenger Terminal Building

The building has a total area of 144 sq.m. complete with amenities such as ticket booths two comfort rooms and a lounge



Cargohandling Masbate Consolidated Arrastre, Inc.
Pier Site, Masbate City
Telephone Number: (056) 333-2107
Fax Number: (056) 333-6448

Mark K. Espinosa
General Manager

Pilotage Compulsory for all vessels and provided by Legazpi City Harbor Pilot Association, Legazpi City.
Telephone No. : (052) 480-5423

Capt. Ruben I. Bernardo
Chief Harbor Pilot

Port Security

PPA and MACAI hired security guards, PCG and PNP Maritime stations inside the port provide assistance


Supplied through lorries by either Shell, Petron or Caltex.

Water Supply

Provided by Masbate Consolidated Arrastre, Inc.

Garbage Collection/Disposal

LGU Masbate City garbage truck collects garbage every other day.

Ship Repair Facilities

Can be availed of at Mayon Docks, Tabaco City, Albay

Provision & Store

Provisions of all types available thru local suppliers at the city proper


GLOBE & SMART companies give optimum signal to mobile phone users. Landline services are made available by PT&T, Piltel and PLDT.


Medical services are available at the town proper such as Masbate Provincial Hospital, St. Anthony Hospital, St. Vincent Hospital, San Juan Clinic, Perpetual Help Clinic, Mother and Child Health Clinic and Masbate Colleges General Hospital.


Major banks are available at the town proper.


Daily flight of Asian Spirit is available at Masbate Domestic Airport, approximately one kilometer from the port. Time of arrival in Masbate is at 6:30 AM and time of departure for Manila is at 7:30 AM.

Top 10 Cargoes



PMO Address

Port Management Office of Legazpi
Government Regional Center, Rawis, Legazpi City
Telefax: (052) 482-0303/482-0304/480-7087

TMO Address

Terminal Management Office of Masbate
Pier Site, Masbate City


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