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Tabaco Port

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tabaco terminal


The Terminal Port of Tabaco serves as the main converging point and passage for goods, RORO cargoes and passengers bound to and from the island province of Catanduanes and other nearby islands. Large consignment of cement, sugar, fertilizer and other prime commodities are transported thru this port. With its harbor, the port has become the choice destination of overseas vessels in the Bicol region.

Location – Latitude 13o 21’N Longitude 123o 44’E. Situated southwest of San Miguel Bay, Albay and 27 kilometers from Legazpi port.

Port Limits

Navigational Approach – Within about 2.3 miles northeastward of San Miguel Point bring the Manilao Range Lights in range; bearing before 239o Tiwi Point bears anything northward of 294o. Steering on this range, vessels should pass about 600 yards from the reef on either side. Continue on this range until the church in Tabaco bears 186o or Bacolod Point bears 170o, then change course to 160o passing close to Bacolod Point. When eastward of the pier, anchor in 25 to 30 fathoms (45.7-54.9), sand and mud bottom 250 yards off the pier, or go alongside. When tying up to the pier, it has been found best by oversea vessels to have the bow northward in order to facilitate leaving. Owing to prevailing currents, it is recommended, when leaving, to use two spring lines to keep the bow against the pier. This will allow the stern to swing about 45o or more, and then go astern until clear of Bacolod Point. In this manner, shallow water about 2½ ship length south of the end of the pier will be avoided.

Land Access
By land to Manila – 542 kilometers
By land to Legazpi City – 27 kilometers
By land to Naga City – 92 kilometers

Sea Distance
By sea to Virac – 36 nautical miles
By sea to Manila – 458.3 nautical miles

Pilot Boarding Station – At Tabaco Bay

Total Port Area – 24,748.04 sq.m.

Climatological Condition – Tabaco, being part of Albay Province, have two types of climate featuring no dry season with a very pronounced maximum rain from November to January.


Berthing Area/s Marginal Wharf – 11.45 m. wide x 297.45 m. long


Controlling Draft at MLLW
Berth length – 6.6 meters

RORO Facilities

RORO Ramp 1 – 7.5 m. x 11 m.



No adequate anchorage in the bay since water is deep and sides are also steep. There is limited anchorage off the wharf. Sheltered from south and southwest anchorage is open to NE monsoon.


Open Storage – 4,086.86 sq.m.
Container Yard – 7,869.69 sq.m.
Warehouse – 720.00 sq.m.
Transit Cargo Shed – 151.20 sq.m.

Marshalling Area

2,502 sq.m.

Vehicle Parking Areas

450 sq.m.

Passenger Terminal Building

The 1,424 sq.m. passenger terminal consists of ticket booths, a lounge, comfort rooms and cashier’s office in the 1st floor, the office of management and staffs of TMO Tabaco, a kitchen, sleeping quarters and a terrace in the 2nd floor.

tabaco PTB


Cargo Handling

Tabaco Port Cargo Corporation
Pier Site, Tabaco City
Telephone Number: (052) 487-5184
Fax Number: (052) 830-1747

Vicente Q. Rañola


Compulsory for all vessels and provided by Legazpi Harbor Pilot Association, Legazpi City.
Telephone No. : (052) 480-5423

Capt. Ruben I. Bernardo
Chief Harbor Pilot

PTB Services

Name of Service Provider : Tabaco Port Cargo Corporation
Contact Person : Mr. Vicente Q. Rañola
Full Address : Port Area, Tabaco City, Albay
Telefax Number : (052) 487-5184

Port Security

Port Police Detachment is located in the old terminal building.



All grades of bunkers are available from local suppliers and delivered through road tankers

Water Supply

Delivered through pipelined or hose by the Tabaco Port Integrated Marine Services

Fuel Supply

LPG available in various places

Garbage Collection/Disposal

The city government of Tabaco takes charge of the collection of waste and garbage inside the port premises.

Ship Repair Facilities

Ship repair and maintenance services available at Mayon Docks, Tabaco, Albay.


RSL Bus Transport

Provision and Store

Available in limited quantities from local suppliers.


A BAYANTEL telephone line is available at the terminal office. Likewise, mobile phone users can enjoy GLOBE, SUNCELLULAR & SMART’s optimum signal within the port.


One government and two private hospitals are available at the city proper.


Government and private banks are available at the city proper.


Regular domestic flights can be taken at Legazpi domestic airport approximately 27 kilometers from Tabaco port.

Top 10 Cargoes


TMO Tabaco
Pier Site, Tabaco
Telefax No. (052) 487-7707


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